How do I book?

Whenever promising weather predicts a safe and pleasurable trip we plan balloon rides, both at weekends and during the week.

There are two ways of booking a ride:
Choose your desired date. If the ride is cancelled due to unsuitable ballooning weather on that day, you need to choose a new date.
Or put yourself on our passenger list. Then we will call you 1-2 days prior to a planned balloon ride. Should you have no time, it is no problem, we´ll call you again at the next opportunity.

How can I pay?

Bring your ticket(s)/voucher(s).  Or pay with PayPal before the ride.

Payment via PayPal: If the ride is cancelled due to unsuitable ballooning weather conditions we will refund your payment,
but will charge the PayPal fee.
There will be NO refund if:
- you do not cancel your booking at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled ride
- you do not show up for your scheduled ride

When do we meet?

Summer Ballooning from April to mid of November:
In summertime it is not possible to ride during the day because of thermal winds. For the morning ride we will meet at approximately 06:00am, in the spring and fall at around 07:00am. For the evening balloon ride we meet around 06:00pm, in the spring and fall around 05:00pm.

Winter/alpine ballooning from January to mid-March:
During winter we can ride the whole day because the sunlight is not strong enough to create thermals. We usually meet at 07:30am.

Where do we meet?

Our meeting point is the parking lot of the small restaurant [ Bartewirt ] in the village of ›Kreuzstrasse‹, 7 km north-east of Holzkirchen. The train station ›Kreuzstrasse‹ is the last station of the ›S7‹, a line of the Munich public transportation system.

From Munich center it takes about 30 minutes by car, by train about 45 minutes.

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Address for your navigation system:   Zip: D - 83626  /  Town: Valley  /  Street: Gruberstraße 1

Where do we take off?

At the meeting point [ Bartewirt ] we check the surface wind again. Depending on the surface wind and the wind forecast for the free atmosphere, we choose one of our hot air balloon launch sites, which from spring to autumn are situated in the area of ??Holzkirchen, Bad Aibling, Baiernrain and Sachsenkam.

For our winter/alpine balloon rides we take off from the Isar valley close to Lenggries or in the Tegernsee valley.

After the decision has been made, we travel together in our retriever car to the launch site.

How long does it take?

You should plan about 4 hours for a summer balloon ride and 5 hours for a winter balloon ride: for the drive from the meeting point to the launch site, the common assembly of the hot air balloon, the balloon ride itself (summer balloon ride approx. 1:30 hours, winter balloon ride approx. 2:30 hours), the common disassembly, balloon baptism including a glass of Prosecco and the return to the meeting point in our retriever car.

Where do we land?

The exact landing site cannot be determined in advance. After the launch site is selected we have a rough idea where we will land. But only the wind knows exactly where it's going to be.

How do we get back?

The retriever is following the balloon in our car. Normally he is already at the landing site prior to landing. After the balloon is safely stowed in the trailer our comfortable 4 x 4 Mercedes Sprinter brings us back to the meeting point.

What should I wear?

Depending on the temperature of the day adequate clothing would be similar to that you would wear for hiking.
As we travel with the air there is no wind in the balloon basket and even at altitude it is only a little bit cooler than on the ground. Walking or hiking boots are ideal, even in summer, since we take off and land on meadows and especially in the morning the grass is very wet.
In winter we recommend especially warm shoes and warm underwear, as we do not move in the basket and feet and legs cool faster in the shadow of the basket than our bodies which are standing in the Sun.

Who can ride?

Basically anyone can join a balloon ride. If you are fit enough to get into the balloon basket and you are able to stand for 1:30 hours you can enjoy your balloon ride.
Using either entry steps or a ladder - which will be provided by us - it is easy to climb into the balloon basket.
Children should to at least 12 years old and minimum 130 cm high. If you are not sure just call us.